How would you describe your style as photographers? 

We like to think of ourselves as "storytellers". 

Weddings are one of the most diverse subjects that a photographer can shoot. Sometimes we're trying to be photojournalists, fading into the background and capturing 'candid moments'. Sometimes we're looking for the best scene and light for a portrait, and sometimes we're on the dance floor, right in the mix with you and your friends as we try to capture the way it all 'feels'. 

In the end we take all the moments we've captured and try to piece together a story to share

Are you available to travel?

Absolutely! Most of our weddings are in and around Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia but we love to travel. We've shoot weddings as far north as Rhode Island and as far south New Orleans! 

What is included in your packages?

We try to keeps things as straight forward as possible. All our weddings include an engagement shoot, all-day coverage from two photographers on you wedding day and images delivered via an online gallery. A wedding album and photobooth are available to add on to your wedding package as well.

For families and portrait sessions you get 1-2 hours in as many locations as needed. Images are delivered via an online gallery  

How will we get our pictures? 

We use an online gallery to deliver your images. It allows you to view, download and share all your pics right away. You can even order prints direct from the gallery if you want. The images are all color corrected and edited with no logos or watermarks. 

How many pictures will we get? 

Every shoot is unique so there is no guaranteed number but in a typical wedding we deliver somewhere between 400-600 pictures. Sometimes we might end up with a little more, sometimes a little less. 

On a family or engagement shoot we typically end up delivering between 50-60 images. 

How long will it take to get our pictures? 

We deliver weddings in 4-6 weeks. Families and engagements typically take about 2 weeks. 

What kind of equipment do you use? 

For the bulk of our work we shoot Nikon professional DSLRs and lenses. But we're total gear heads so we love to try out different things, whether it's some new mirrorless digital camera or a really old film camera... We've almost always got something cool & interesting in our bag! We'll use whatever we can get our hands on to keep things fresh and tell your story in an interesting way. The most important question you should ask a wedding photographer regarding gear is this:

Do you have backups in case anything goes wrong?

Yes... we have lots of backups. We show up to weddings/events with anywhere between 4-6 cameras, more lenses than we'll ever need, extra flashes and of course batteries... lots of batteries!

How much do you charge? 

We believe in our work and we know it has value but we also believe in having rates that the average couple can afford. To see our current rates you can check our pricing page here.