Maryland Wedding Photographers | Teachers Discount

We've always had a soft spot for teachers. Brian and I were both lucky enough to encounter several teachers over the years who really helped guide us through difficult times. As photographers we've had the pleasure to shoot weddings for quite a few educators and we always come away feeling inspired by their selflessness. It's a noble profession that is challenging, worthwhile and essential. 

And for those reasons we are now proud to offer a 15% discount on our wedding services to any couple that includes at least one K-12 public school teacher. This isn't a limited time discount and there are no expiration dates. It's as permanent as tattoos, taxes and Donald Trumps hair. 

So if you're a teacher looking to get married- thanks for all you do and we look forward to giving you a discount! Or maybe you just know a teacher getting married in which case, please pass this along!

All the following pics are from weddings with teachers:

And of course to see more of our wedding work, not just teachers, right here