The Griswolds | 9:30 Club, Washington, DC

My counterpart here at 1513 Photo Brian is the kind of father you wish you had when you were a kid. Last year he took his kids (ages 14, 10 & 9) to the 9:30 Club to see "Walk the Moon". Through Brian, the kids had become fans of not only Walk the Moon but for one of the opening bands as well, The Griswolds

To make a long story short, The Griswolds thought it was so cool that they not only took a picture with kids but they gave them guitar picks and the set list:

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when The Griswolds were back in town at the 9:30 Club again. Not only did they remember Brian and his kids but they were nice enough to give Brian a press pass to shoot the show! (and of course Brian brought the kids again so not only did he get a life time opportunity but the kids go to see him get it).

While our main genre is obviously weddings & portraits, we pride ourselves on being able to shoot any situation... but concert photography? With about an hour to prepare Brian scoured the internet for tips. And of course, I've never shot a rock concert either so the sum of my advice was "Backlighting... I think backlighting looks cool," and the ever helpful "Don't screw it up."

He did not screw it up:

And lets not forget Magic Man as well: