One For Every Year

I hate being in pictures. I ended up getting behind the camera for a reason. I've been working on that though and this year, inspired by my favorite photographers (Justin Hackworth), I decided on my birthday that I would push myself a bit and try and create one self portrait for every year I've been alive... 36.

A few notes... 

-I don't know if all 36 shots count as a "self" portrait but there is a part of me in every one of these shots. 

-I shot all of these with a 20mm lens... that's a really wide angle and not a traditional "portrait lens" but I wanted to make these look a little different than the typical self portrait. 

-I decided to do this this morning when I woke up. I wish I'd planned it a little more. I left my tripod in my office 45 miles away. Do you know how hard it is to take that many shots of yourself without a tripod? Really hard. 

-I should have shaved my face... I did not. I did give my hair a trim but I really don't like shaving my face and I try not to do things I don't like doing on my birthday. 

-I'm a firm believer that 36-year-old men should not wear football jerseys unless they're actually playing in a football game... the only exception being when your favorite team is playing in the playoffs on your birthday...