Jeewon & Gabe Engagement: 14 Years + 2 Coasts = 1 DC Love Story

Just like the title says, Jeewon & Gabe have been together for a long time. Their relationship has it's roots in California but has truly blossomed here in our Nation's Capitol which they've been proud to call home the past 9 years.

They're truly locals now... How DC are they? Well for starters, they showed Brian and I a new park just a few blocks south of Nats Stadium that we didn't even know existed. And if that wasn't DC-centric enough for you, they're getting married in front of the Jefferson Memorial next month... and that's about as DC as half smokes, mambo sauce, Ben's Chili Bowl, Go-Go Music and Howard Homecoming! 

Anyway, we had a great time shooting with Jeewon and Gabe and we're pretty damn excited about shooting that Jefferson Memorial ceremony. (Did I mention they're walking down the aisle with their dog Rambo and that the reception will be at the Eastern Market? Yeah... it's going to be fun!)