The Most Tara-Bill Wedding Ever

We had the absolute pleasure to shoot Tara & Bill's wedding a couple weeks ago. With weddings I typically start thinking about what I want to write about the couple for the blog post while I'm editing their pictures. 

For Tara & Bill, I had a couple of ideas floating around my head and then I saw this update from Tara on Facebook and realized immediately that it said everything about them that anyone would ever need to know: 

"Once a band couple, always a band couple! Home from our honeymoon for less than 36 hours and it's off to year 14 of band camp!"

They're the type of couple that can spend an entire week traveling together and then get home and still be super enthusiastic to spend more time together. 

As always, we ended up with a ton of pictures and picking highlights from the blog is nearly impossible. The viewing gallery will be available next week so friends and family can see Tara and Bill for the link.

Special Thanks and Shout Outs go to: 

Camryn Isemann who got to help shoot the ceremony because her Dad (Brian) was actually in the wedding and so a little too busy to shoot. 

To all the Smiths for making me laugh throughout the day and blinking way less than they normally do in front of our cameras. 

To all of Tara's family for being super photogenic, incredibly fun and remarkably coordinated dancers even after consuming copious amounts of adult beverages. 

Peyton & Carson for the impromptu dance off that was punctuated with Bridesmaid Ali landing a perfect split (seriously, did you see that picture?)

Erica for running another fantastic photobooth with Karina who is pretty awesome for a Canadian.