Emily & Andrew Wedding: Musket Ridge, Myersville, MD

We shot Emily & Andrew's engagement photos in the Fall of last year and it was one of our favorite engagement sessions of the year (check it out). Ever since then we've been looking forward to the wedding and we were not disappointed.

It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful venue, there were donuts (although I'd like to point out that someone beat me to the Fruit Loop donut that I had my eye on), there were sparklers, a break dancing dad, people with Massachusetts accents singing that, "West Virginia, Take Me Home," song, and oh yeah- two people who are deeply in-love made a lifetime commitment to each other!

Can you ask for more than that from a wedding? No... No you can't.

Here are some of our favorite shots from the day. If you want more (c'mon you know you want more!) you can talk to Emily and Andrew later this week to see the viewing gallery. But for now, enjoy:

Special thanks and shout outs go to:

Aaren King of "Made Makeup" for getting all the gorgeous ladies looking fantastic.

The good people at Musket Ridge for being easy to work with and accommodating.

Susan, the bridesmaid who helped us out throughout the day and also told me it was "impossible" to take a good picture of her (and then proceeded to pose like she'd spent the last decade working the runway).

Iceman and Goose for being our #1 supporters always.

And of course to Andrew, Emily and all their friends and families for being fun, photogenic, warm and wonderful people.