15|13 Photobooth

Did you know we have an awesome photobooth? 

Well we do we've just never really advertised it. In the past we've only offered our photobooth services as an option for the bride & groom as part of our wedding package but we've decided to make it available for other events now as well too because well... everyone loves the photobooth! Grandpas, Grandmas, uncles, aunts bridesmaids, the cute girl from accounting, your college roommates, hipsters, jocks, frat bros, brides, grooms and random strangers who crashed your event...

What makes our booth so awesome?

Well, for starters, we LOVE doing the photobooth and that enthusiasm is contagious. Guests always have a fantastic time with our booth in part because WE'RE having a great time, too. And of course, we keep big collection of goofy and fun props as well.

And finally, there are the prints! We provide guests with photostrips right there. Each strip is six-by-two inches with four pictures, just like you remember when you were a kid. 

Take a look:

Why the open booth?

Coke vs Pepsi, Skittles vs M&M's, Yankees vs Red Sox, the open photo booth vs the closed photo booth... We've always used an open photo booth because that's what guests seem to enjoy the most. Still, some people come to us from time to time and ask if we can provide them with one of the old school photobooths. While we do appreciate the nostalgia factor in those traditional old booths, our answer is always no.

Why? Because people that ask for a traditional booth only THINK they want one. The reality is, those things are too expensive, are a PITA to setup and worst of all, they're SMALL!

You can only fit 2 or maybe 3 people at most into one of those little booths and you've got WAY more friends that that! 

So that's why we love the open booth.

More Guests in a Picture = More Fun for Everyone

Open Booth > Closed Booth

So Who is the 15|13 Photobooth for?

Obviously, we're wedding photographers so weddings are the most common place we use the booth but really the booth is great for ANY party or get-together! Work parties, birthday parties, ugly sweater parties and, of course, weddings too!

You can get pricing information on our pricing and availability, hit us up on the contact page here.