Delaplaine Visual Arts Center Wedding Photography | Lauren & Matt

What a way to close out the wedding season for us! We don't get the chance to shoot as many weddings in our hometown of Frederick, MD, as we'd like so for starters, that was a refreshing change of pace. Add to that the fact that we really had such a great time getting to know Lauren & Matt at Union Market earlier this summer and it really did make for a fine exclamation point on what was a big year for us. 

This was as fun a wedding as we saw all year but for me what I will always remember was the ceremony. Just before we got started it looked like we might get rain but things cleared up just in time. Then towards the end of the ceremony when we were losing light fast the street lights came on just in time to give us a romantic glow for the breaking of the glass and the first kiss. It elicited "oohh's and aahh's" from everyone in attendance and was as symbolic a start to a marriage as I've ever seen. Truly a storybook beginning for a fantastic couple. 

Thanks go to the Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center for being such hospitable hosts... To Sly 45 for rocking out and keeping the dance floor packed until the last song. And of course to Lauren, Matt & all of their wonderful friends and family for putting together one hell of a wedding!