Stephanie & Matt Engagement: Cunningham Falls, MD

We had our last couple shoot of the year a few weeks back and it really couldn't have been timed better. We were in the beautiful Cunningham Falls State Park on one of the final days before the cold arrived and knocked down the last of the more stubborn leaves to the ground. It was a gorgeous day at a park that includes a lake, a beach, a couple of fun hiking trails and of course a waterfall that proved to be far less photogenic than any of us remembered. 

And did I mention the part where we had to bravely jump from rock to rock to cross a raging stream... twice! (it was probably more like a creek but if you know Brian and I at all you won't begrudge us our moment of glory- we are not known to be outdoors men)

Why did we chose to brave such treacherous conditions you ask? For Stephanie & Matt of course! These two awesome people met at James Madison University and are tying the knot next year at Musket Ridge in Myersville. Like I said, the day was a bit of an adventure for us but it was worth every minute. We got some great pictures and got to make a couple new friends. Check them out: