Jeewon & Gabe Wedding: Washington, DC

I've said it before on this blog several times but it always bears repeating: every wedding has a 'THAT moment' where Brian and I are reminded that no matter how many ceremonies we've shot, how many first dances we've seen, bouquet tosses we've witnessed or Lil Jon songs we've been forced to hear, this job is special. We have all-access, back stage passes to some of the most important and cherished moments in people's lives. And that's pretty damn cool. 

There were a few of those moments at Jeewon & Gabe's wedding but one that stands out the most came at the end of the night. We had just packed up out stuff and went to say our goodbyes to the bride and groom. We found Gabe staring out at the dance floor in awe as his Dad and his new father-in-law were dancing the night away. He was getting a bit misty eyed (I hope you don't mind me telling everyone that Gabe) and he said, "I can't believe what an amazing night this has been."

Thanks to Jeewon & Gabe for allowing us to be there to witness and capture such an amazing night!