Dakota & Jennifer: Hood College Engagement

We just shot Dakota and Jennifer's beautiful wedding over the weekend but it might be a couple of weeks before we get to share those images with everyone. So we thought it would be a nice preview to show these pictures from the afternoon we got to spend with them the week before the wedding.

It's always really important for us to not only meet with and get to know all of our wedding couples before the big day but also to get them in front of our cameras at least once. That way there is already a level of comfort for everyone involved and on the wedding day we can get right to shooting without having any of those nervous first meeting jitters in the way.  

Another thing we love to do at 1513 Photo is shoot couples in places that have a meaning to them. Dakota and Jennifer met at Hood College in Frederick, MD. I personally have been dying to go back to Hood to explore the gorgeous campus ever since my sister's graduation in the spring

Anyway, we had a fantastic time with them (Jen gave a great maybe fake/maybe real tour of the campus!) and we got some nice pictures as well. You'll have to stay tuned for their wedding blog post as well, which hopefully will be up soon...