Wendy's 15

My niece Wendy recently had her Quinceañera and I was able to be there for every moment playing the dual role of proud tío and photographer. It's kind of a strange experience to photograph an event for your own family... on the one hand you're busy working while everyone else gets to relax and just enjoy the day. But on the other hand, you get to be there for the really special moments that nobody else gets to see.

For example, after Wendy got her hair and make-up done, put on her dress and her jewelry, I was the only one in the room with her as she got to look at herself in the mirror for the first time and it was one of the most beautiful, special moments I've ever had as a photographer or uncle... So yeah, I had to work really hard that day while everyone else was having fun, BUT I also got to be there for the moment that Wendy got teary eyed because she was amazed at how beautiful she looked in her dress...


Being able to capture and share moments like that is the reason I became a photographer.

So Happy 15 to Wendy, I love you and am so proud of the amazing young lady you've become. I've got hundreds of pictures for you but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite with you here.