Jessica Graduates

I'm a little behind on the blog but I wanted to share with everyone some of the pictures from my sister Jessica's graduation from Hood College a couple weeks back. Our family's journey has been quite a bumpy road but we've all had the common goal to one day see that Boo-Boo (that's Jessica's embarrassing childhood nickname!) one day graduate from college. As an older brother who has been there with her through all the laughter, tears, and bumps along the road I can truly say that watching her reach this goal was the proudest day of my life. 


and of course the only way to celebrate a graduation if you're from Frederick is to eat crabs until your belly is full, your lips are burning from Old Bay and your fingers are all cut up shriveled like you just took a long bath. And there is no better place to do that than May's!

showing off the graduation gifts

Congratulations Boo-Boo!