An Afternoon with Skip Lawrence

As people who work in a creative field, its always fascinating for us to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of an artist. A few weeks back Brian and I had just that sort of opportunity when we spent the afternoon with painter Skip Lawrence.

We first met Skip when we photographed his daughter Carly's wedding. We had such a great time getting to know their family that when Skip's wife Diane (who is herself an accomplished artist) invited us to come up and take some portraits of him we jumped at the opportunity.

Walking into Skip and Diane's home is like walking into the most comfy and intimate art gallery you've ever been to. Beautiful paintings cover the walls, inviting you to explore and appreciate. 

And the studio... To start with, Skip built it with his own hands (no, really, he did). It's spacious, big enough to accommodate a handful of students (did I mention Skip teaches workshops as well?) and the natural light pours in from above.  And best of all... it's only a short walk from their back porch! It sure beats the hell out of my commute. 

Hearing someone as accomplished in his craft as Skip is was quite an experience. The phrase "living life on his own terms" is often overused to the point it can become cliche; but it absolutely absolutely holds true for Skip. He's built a home and a life that is completely devoted to his passions, fly fishing, family and creating and teaching art. Anyone with a passion can certainly find inspiration in that.  

Many thanks to both Skip and Diane for not only allowing us into their home and opening up the studio for us but then providing us with a fantastic meal.  

Thanks as well to Josh, Jen, Carly and Scott for providing lots of laughs and great company. Hope to see you all again soon!