Russell & Ingrid: Dumbarton House, Washington, DC

We shot Ingrid and Russell's engagement back in September and they were such an enthusiastic and fun couple to work with. We hoped then that their wedding was going to be just as fun and eclectic as they are, and it absolutely was. 

They managed to take all the elegance, tradition and charm of Georgetown's gorgeous Dumbarton House and mix it with enough personal touches that it was uniquely them

So everybody loves The Beatles. And everyone loves "In my Life," right? Whenever you hear someone play a cover of its always enjoyable because well, its a great song.

But unless you were at Ingrid & Russell's wedding you have no idea just how good an "In my Life," cover can really be! Russell's friend and groomsman Graham did it so well that for a minute I actually forgot I was there to shoot pictures and caught myself just standing there, listening and enjoying the moment. Luckily Brian was aware enough to keep shooting and got this shot:

This next picture is one of my all time favorites. At some point the dancing broke out into lines with Ingrid in one and Russell in the other. As the lines twisted and turned around the room all of a sudden they were face to face passing each other, two people completely in love, with all their friends and family there with them, having the time of their life and totally surprised to see each other! Human beings cannot physically get happier than they were right at that moment: 

This last picture is everything I love about Brian... The night was over, it was late, we were exhausted, cold and making the long walk back to our car. And of course as we were crossing the Q Street bridge he makes me stop so he can get one more picture, I pretended to be really annoyed about it but I knew it was going to be worth it: