Andrew & Emily: Thorpewood Engagement

Anytime we get to shoot at Thorpewood is a good day. It's a venue that is as diverse as it is beautiful. Cabin on a lake? Check. Barn with beautiful lights and a silo with character? Check. Gardens, woods, horses and gorgeous lighting at any time of day? Check, check, check and check. And the best part is, Thorpewood is actually a non-profit organization with a good cause! 

So like I said, anytime we get to shoot there its a blessing in and of itself. But we also had the pleasure of shooting Andrew and Emily, a fun couple whose spontanaity and enthusiasm made for a great day of picture taking. 

Extra special thanks go to Brian's Father Bill (also a fine photographer) and his Step-Mother, "Goose" for tagging along with us, making us laugh and just being super helpful.

(Goose actually suggested the pose for the first pic and I can't wait to use it again --expect a royalty check in the mail any day now Goose). 

I'm going to close with two shots. The first one was actually taken by Brian's Dad and I'm absolutely in love with:  

And this was my personal fav of the day, one Brian got which shows off the some of the amazing colors and light of Thropewood: