Adrian & Megan: Meet me in Washington, DC

When I first began to study photography my goal was to be a photojournalist. I never really even considered weddings. Brian and I ended up shooting our first wedding almost by accident and to our surprise, we both really loved it.

For a long time I couldn't even explain why I like shooting weddings so much. Part of it is the adrenaline rush that comes with the pressure, part of it is just that weddings are usually fun; and of course getting paid to do what I love --taking pictures-- is always satisfying. But I've come to realize that what I really find so appealing about shooting weddings is actually the same thing I love about photojournalism... stories!

You get to know a couple, find out what they're like, what brought them together, who they want to be. Then the big day arrives and you get to watch their families come together. It's a day full of compelling stories. 

And that brings me to Megan and Adrian... Megan is from Massachusetts. Adrian was born in Argentina. Two different continents... two different languages... two different cultures... and according to Google, 5,374 miles between Boston and Buenos Aires. And yet they still managed to find each other and fall in love right here in our Nation's Capital. 

It's all about stories.