72 Film Fest - Launch Party: Frederick, MD

For the last 3 years we've been both honored and proud to be a part of the 72 Film Fest. If your unfamiliar with the 72 Fest its an annual film festival based in Frederick, Maryland where teams of film makers ranging from students to pros are given a surprise topic and set loose with a 72 hour window to create a short film.

We love being a part of something that supports art and artists in our community but its also a great chance for us to shoot something we don't normally get to shoot during wedding season. Typically we shoot all the events surrounding the fest as well as any promo shots they need and we also donate free head shots as one of the prizes. This year we're still doing the head shot giveaway but unfortunately commitments made it so that we could only shoot the launch party. 

It will be disappointing not being a part of the viewings and awards nights but the launch party was still a blast and we came home with some cool pics.  


The man behind 72 Fest and Fool Martyr Productions  Clark Kline 

The year's host was DC Improve vet and comedian Pete Bergen


The view from the launch party windows.

Packed house

This guy is Sam and he's currently working on a silent film that I'm excited to see. But more importantly, I once took a portrait of him on the street because he seemed so f-ing cool and ever since he pops up in my life at random moments. I still don't really know him but I'm destined to take his picture  at least once a year. 

through the curtain

Clark is always insanely busy during the film fest so I was both surprised and happy to turn around and see him just enjoying himself and taking cell phone videos like he was just another guy at the launch party!